About Us

Auspiciousjxp.com is an online shopping and selling destination. We offer the widest range of products in categories from Dehumidifiers, Hair Dryers, Irons, to Toasters.  As the pioneer of the ecommerce ecosystem, we offer our services to consumers through the marketplace platform, supported by a wide range of tailored marketing, data, and service solutions. Focused on delivering an excellent customer experience, it offers multiple payment methods, comprehensive customer care through its own first- and last-mile delivery arm supported by logistics partners.

With us you get unparalleled customer service & commitment to customer satisfaction. We thrive on word of mouth and our company depends upon you having a marvelous shopping experience with us. As such, we are dedicated to constantly improving and maintaining our sterling reputation for customer service. Simply put, with us, you get support, service and assistance that will leave you smiling as you save.

Shopping means expedient shopping! With most of our orders being dispatched very fast, you can tell we mean what we say! We want you to get it fast and we ship to please with parcel tracking, shipping insurance.  Stick with us and you'll have a shopping experience that is convenient, efficient and crazily cheap!

Plus, with us, you get the convenience of shopping at home without the hassle and crowds of retail outlets, markets and shopping malls. And with our advanced encryption, security services and state of the art SSL, you can shop assured your information is protected from unauthorized usage. With us, confidential information remains confidential. We'll never share your personal information, nor will we sell it or distribute it. That's a promise. With us, you get secure accounting, secure credit card transactions and a commitment to privacy.

Without a doubt, we offer a lot of benefits to our customers like first-rate items, discounted products, convenient delivery service and secure payment transactions!

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